MOTTO: To make the Aquaculture and Fisheries sectors grow and grow with the sector.


Samaki Express E.A Ltd was found in April 2014 whereas the two directors are Mrs. Janeffer Simiyu and Mr. Arnoud Meijberg. Mr. Meijberg has been in Kenya for over 4 years (2010-2014) with GIZ (German Cooperation), in which he has developed a vast network in the aquaculture and fisheries sector. Mr. Meijberg his work was to develop fisheries around Lake Victoria and management of the Trilateral Tilapia Cooperation (TTC) from 2012-2014. In this cooperation Kenya, Germany and Israel jointly developed the aquaculture sector through capacity building of farmers, providing extension services to existing training institutions and companies. In addition the TTC developed a curriculum for practical vocational training modules for aquaculture. Mrs. Simiyu has in-depth cultural and regional knowledge and extensive knowledge in marketing products in the different regions.

Outlook and philosophy:

Samaki Express E.A. Ltd. will establish itself in the East African Market initially through importing fish feeds. Once the company has attained the critical volume it will look into partnerships in setting up a production facility in the region.
The company would like to work jointly with the farmers and other actors to develop the sector. Once the sector grows everybody will benefit from the economy of scales and competition.
For the feeds distribution it is in our interest that the farmer makes profits, because if they make more profit they will produce more fish and that will also mean they need more feed. The aquaculture sector can only grow through close cooperation between the producer, the feed supplier and the fingerling supplier. Lobbying for professional development of the aquaculture sector is in the interest of Samaki Express E.A. Ltd and the whole development of the sector.

Our Objective:To be the leader in promoting aquaculture growth by providing quality fish feeds in the region.

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What we do:

Samaki Express E.A a company that focuses on providing affordable quality expertise and quality inputs that contribute to the development of aquaculture in East Africa. The company has seen the potential and the bottlenecks for the development of the aquaculture sector. The main challenge is continuous availability of quality fish feed in East Africa. We strongly believe in the potential of the aquaculture sector in EA and would like to be an active partner that develops the sector together with the fish farmers and other actors.

In short Samaki Express E.A. Ltd.:

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